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Clarke Square Buff Sander

The Clarke square buff sander is the ideal tool for sanding or re-surfacing general purpose floors or decks. It is available with a range of various grit sandpapers to ensure you achieve the finish you desire.

Clarke Orbital Floor Sander

The Clarke orbital floor sander is ideal for achieving a high end pristine finish on any hardwood floor. 

Clarke Drum Sander

The Clarke drum sander is ideal for a user that needs sheer power in a drum sander. This drum sander is durable and easily mobile making it a very consumer friendly piece of equipment.

Clarke Floor Edger

The Clarke floor edger is a hand held floor sander designed to be used near the walls of a building or in hard to reach spots such as closet floors. This hand held unit offers the same sanding power as the larger units but in a compact, easy to maneuver machine.

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