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Outdoor Heating
Patio Heater, Heating, Propane
Direct Heater, Jobsite Heater, oil/diesel heater
Patio Heater

Powered by propane, these patio heaters are ideal for warming up any outdoor patio evening or event.
Portable Oil/Diesel Heater

Available in K125, K150, and K175 models, these portable oil/diesel heaters are ideal for heating any properly vented job site.
Indoor Heating
Electric Heater, Jobsite heater
Patron Electric Jobsite Heater

Available in 3 different sizes: E1.5, E3, and E6, these powerful, portable, electric jobsite heaters are perfect for maintaining a comfortable indoor working temperature.

120V / 12.5 AMP / 1.5kW / 5100 BTU/HR

E3: 240V / 12.5 AMP / 3kW / 10200 BTU/HR

E6: 240V / 25 AMP / 6kW / 20500 BTU/HR

Indirect Heater, Diesel Heater, Jobsite Heater
Heatstar HSP100ID Portable Indirect Diesel Heater

The HSP100ID Indirect Fired Heaters are highly efficient devices that provide 122000 BTU/HR of 100% clean, dry and fume free warm air.  This makes these heaters perfect for areas with limited ventilation like shops, event tents, food preparation areas, exhibition halls, and construction sites. 25' flexible duct can be used to spread heated air into an area while the heater remains outside.
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